Sunday, February 28, 2010

A new singularity

I believe in wasting time. It's one of our cherished gifts as humans. We are able to slack off with the best of species, only being outdone by sloths, koalas, and pandas (although pandas can definitely be more frisky then the average couch potato).

While wasting time on this project (which spans not just playing the games and this blog, but also a paper I'm writing for class and a possible larger topic that might be graded as a final work come the end of the semester), I was surprised to find out the following fact: Wil Wheaton thinks that Nethack is one of the greatest games of all time.

Now I admit it... I've been unduely harsh on the former Mr. Crusher. I was never a huge fan of the character, though in the final season or two I believe he had begun to come into his own (as a disciple of the Traveler... yeah... I really do know too much about that show). I think it was not so much the idea of a teen working on the bridge of a major military starship that bothered me as that same kid totally exemplifying the word "GEEK". Who would have put ME in charge of guiding the ship? Trust me... Picard would have sent me packing.

Having discovered Wil's fondness for the games, I decided to look him up online and chanced across his blog, which was lucid, intelligent, and a fun read. And then.... his twitter feed.

Ok, I admit it... I've been avoiding twitter. I just can not see what is so interesting about knowing that so and so went here and there to do such and such every ten minutes of the day. So I've never created an account and am proud of that fact, just as I'm proud of the fact I didn't rush out and buy Windows 95 when it came out (I waited a year until the OS validated its existence... and they ironed out about 57 trillion bugs).

So now I have a twitter account, and I'm one of 1 1/2 MILLION (plus) people following Wil online. Ouch... thus endeth my fantasy that Wil and I would become fast friends, and he'd even fly out to play DnD with our work group. Sigh....

... back to productivity... playing games.... woosh, back down the rabbit hole I go.... hi ho....

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