Saturday, March 06, 2010

Being Pilfered and Plundered

Kids cost a lot.  Especially when it comes to their birthdays.

So it's time for son number two's tenth birthday.  I had been thinking about what to do for him that would be special.  At the same time, the wife and her daughters/mother/sisters are planning to go away next weekend, giving me and the boys a weekend alone. 

So, what should I do with three kids, all of whom are geeks like me?  Medieval Times of course!  Great idea, they'll see a fake tournament, eat like pigs, and have a great time.  Almost as much fun as the Ren fest each summer. 

It just costs more.

I mean LOTS more.  We're talking over $100 just to get in, and that's with two tickets comped for us (buy 1 adult, get a kid free... I made my oldest son an "adult" to get a second free ticket which saved $20... yeah... I'm cheap...).  I mean, we all love Tolkien and swords and all that jazz, but that much money JUST to watch a couple of guys rolling around in dirt and sawdust?  And that does not even include the actual birthday package (picture with the king and queen, some extra trinkets, your name called out during the opening of the show).  Plus his actual gift and card, which I'll buy separately.

I'm starting to feel a little less sorry for my Rogue characters who keep getting money and items stolen by "greedy little gnomes" who disappear in a puff of smoke.  At least here I know exactly where the money is going, and there ain't no smoke involved. 

Game worlds are so much simpler to deal with.  Time to restart Rogue... my best character has died in both Nethack on the PC and Rogue on the iPhone, so I'm restarting both.  Only in Moria am I slowly progressing.  I'm just thankful there's no birthdays to pay for.

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