Monday, March 08, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah...

It's been a long day.  I went to the office and got stuck there handling a ton of user requests due to the major network change over we just went through this weekend.  Not as smooth as it could have been, but given the complexities of our domain and all the various stuff we do, it could have been a million times worse.  At least I felt useful, and the day went by incredibly fast as I jumped around from one user to another trying to fix situations.

Now it may turn out this blog does not suffice to earn a grade for class.  Oh well, I knew that was a possibility when I began it, I've never been the kind to really think too intensely in my blogs, I prefer keeping them light and conversation, with glimpses of something more.  The only lousy part of the situation is that this will probably go down as another blog I start with great intentions and ends up dying a slow death due to having zero readers.  One would think my witty repartee and brilliant conversational style would be pulling in the readers by the thousands.  Then again, one should consider advertising that one has a blog if one expects readers.

On the Rogue front, I've started over again on the iPhone.  I've put Nethack aside for now and am focusing entirely on Moria.  I just like it better, I'm more familiar with it, and I'm enjoying it much more, other then my character having had his strength drained by some creature and now has trouble holding his sword.  An infirm warrior is really not the best way to go.

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