Tuesday, March 02, 2010

DOS Really is NOT Dead

So I managed to sneak in a little playing time this afternoon.  I got my character up to a whopping 4th level, and moved the save file to another location.  I then proceeded to DIE, DIE, DIE about thirty times in a row (restoring the save file each time).

Damn tedious process this was becoming.

Then I remembered all those fun little batch files I used to write for MS-DOS back in the day.  I must have recoded autoexec.bat about a billion times by hand alone, not to mention the ones I wrote just to simplify processes.  So.... why not write one for those.

One notepad file later, a couple of edits, add an echo command at the end just to make sure the results are working, and voila... DOS skills still do have their place in the world of gaming.  Ok, technically only because the game I'm playing is so ancient it still belongs on a DOS system, but still, you catch the drift.

It's nice to know that the more things change, the more Microsoft stays the same.  I call that my own personal brand of job security.  Keep on assimilating, oh mighty Borg of Redmond.....

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