Sunday, March 07, 2010

I'd Like to Thank the Members of the Academy...

I'm sitting here watching the Academy Awards (of course... the title was a dead give away, duh).  Amazing to see that there are two science fiction features nominated for best picture.  How often does even one get nominated, let alone win!?  Not to mention "Up" being nominated, which is fantasy and animation at its best.

But it's been a long day.  We painted (ok, the wife painted) and did windows (ok, I did windows), had dinner with the in-laws (mine, not her's), and drove home (I drove, she napped).  On the way back, we brought her son, Andrew.  Ok, so technically he's my step-son, but since he's already 19 and we''ve only been married six months, I find it hard to wrap my brain around this fact, so let's just stick with Andrew for now.

Andrew and I chatted about games.  He's been busy playing "Mass Effect II" and really loves the game.  That sort of led us into a discussion of other great games.  Like "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" for the N-64.  Or SuperMario Brothers for the now nearly ancient NES system.  What makes a great game great?  It's more then just amazing graphics or fancy controls.  No, clearly what makes a game great is the story that underlies, unifies, and connects the player to the action going on.  Mario isn't just Mario, Mario is a hero on a mission to save his girl, in a complex and rich world.  The worlds engage us, startle us, surprise us and can even move us.

Video games have not yet had their Citizen Kane moment, when they transcend their digital roots, their focus as a toy and plaything and become art.  But it won't be long before they do so, before a game move us the way we were moved by the first twenty minutes of "Up", or the last moments of "Schindler's List."  But we won't be just sitting passively watching... we'll be the actors on that stage performing those scenes ourselves.

And "Hurt Locker" is picking up all the sound awards.  I'm rooting for it to win some more awards, although I'd love to see a sci fi film win Best Picture.

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