Friday, March 05, 2010

Laughing Happy Memories

I was sitting in class last night trying hard not to fall asleep in the soporific and overheated room.  Apparently sticking 30 PC's in a tiny, unventilated, non-windowed space creates a lot of heat.  Go figure.

Anyways, the topic came up of Mortal Combat in the 1990's, and the congressional action to try and stem the flow of violent video games that were corrupting our youth and turning them all into tiny little serial killers.  We had such notable luminaries as Joe "I <3 Israel" Lieberman grilling representatives of several companies, who mostly set out to prove that the OTHER guy was publishing violent games, but not they.  Heavens forbid, we only want to give the kids some joy!!!  Please ignore the gigantic light gun that looks like cannon that we sell with our system.

And now I wonder... why did we waste our time?  Ok, so we got the ESA and the ESRB from all this mess.  I frankly think it's a good idea to give parents all the tools they need to determine what it is they are buying for their kids, and it still allows a creative person to market any game they want to try and sell (dead horse head in a bed... go for it).  But what did congress actually accomplish by wasting time and money on all those hearings back then?

Nothing but the usual hot air of course.  Congress is generally a bunch of blow hards looking for a high profile argument they can sink their teeth into to increase their poll ratings with the voting demographics they most need to attract:  those who vote.  Now that the majority of people play some sort of game, and the generation that grew up knowing nothing BUT the existence of video games (lucky bastards, never had to play with a stick and hoop for fun) are starting to vote, a politician can no longer grouse about the horrible things in video games.

Except those really old dudes who still think it's the 1990's of course, they'll grouse about everything.  Come on, Roberty Byrd, you know I'm right.  Go take your metamucil and have a lie down, its time for your nap.

As for me, back to my violent Rogue game.  Brought to you by the deadly and violent letters B.... F... and Z!!!

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