Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Right Makes Might

Just having an epiphany....

Things I have Been RIGHT About:

1.  The tech market/stock market of the late 90's was going to crash (pretty much a no brainer... when you're selling smoke and mirrors, someone is going to end up broke... but with really cool smoke and mirrors)

2.  The Republicans owning the White House and Congress would FINALLY reveal to people what a morally bankrupt party they are (took 8 years... and everyone's already forgotten... but for one brief shining moment everyone was on board with the plan)

3.  The Iraq war would not end triumphantly (mission accomplished my rear end)

4.  Online Apps/Distributed Computing/Cloud Computer is a failure out of the box (people like owning stuff... not renting it for their home assuming the pipes are evening working right)

5.  The housing market is going to crash like crazy (I was listening to NPR in 2007, an interview show with a consumer advocate explaining why this was going to happen, and a spokeswoman for the realtors of America who was laughing at him... they repeated the interview in 2008 with similar results... she hasn't returned since... she and Ben Stein should hang out together....)

Severely stuck as a 5th/6th level character.  Dying alot.  Just thought talking about how damned smart and clever I am would cheer me up a tad....

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