Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Run, Lola, Run

I think I had my first "emotional" moment in the Rogue clones today.

So I'm playing Moria, and I'm down around 500 feet, and I suddenly realize that some nasty critters who have been attacking me have not only drained my strength, but have destroyed all my food AND my only scroll of Word of Recall.  Thanks critters, see if I bring you a treat next time.

A Word of Recall is what you need to take you back to the top level where the shops are.  Once there, you can use another scroll to take you back down to the lowest level you were at when you went up, thus saving you lots of time wandering around lower levels which do not have as much treasure or very strong creatures for you to kill.  And food is what you need when you're hungry.... duh.  Did I really have to explain that?  Yeah... I did.  It's just the way I roll.

So I did what any strong, self-assured player would do:  I bolted for the nearest up stairway and tried to make a run for the top before I starved to death.  That means about 10 levels, each procedurally generated so never the same, having to run around and find the stairways, all the while fighting monsters.  Soon I was hungry... then I was weak from hunger... then I died. 

But only once!  I actually managed to make the run the second time (yes, I stupidly had saved the game and backed it up in this particular difficult situation).  That's what makes even a simple and stupid game like this fun, accomplishing something nearly impossible and surviving against the odds.  I was freaking out the whole time, sure I was not going to make it to the top and would be doomed to have to start over.

18th level now, but still need better armor and weapons.  And need to do something about my dexterity, apparently some new critter has made me about as nimble as a kitten that's just been spun in a circle for two minutes.

Boy am I hungry....

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