Monday, March 01, 2010

Tools, tools, tools

Since I will be conducting this experiment/test/mission often while on the road, I have decided to try some new iPhone tools to make it easier to keep up with posting, blogging, and any manner of twitting (tweeting..., what ever...)

First up is BlogPress, which allows me to tie directly into The Rogue Mission site and post updates.  Next I have Echofon for the twittering stuff and keeping up with my new best buddy Wil Wheaton (in your dreams, jelly man!).  Just for extra fun I picked up an app to find free Wi-fi hotspots (in case I prefer using my laptop instead of typing on the little tiny iPhone virtual keyboard).

And of course there is Rogue for the iPhone. Good thing the version has a graphical tile overlay, I found squinting at tiny ASCII characters very headache inducing.  The tiled version is much more playable for a person of my advanced age and ridiculously poor eyesight.

So far: three deaths, no character higher then 2nd level with 26 gold. Going to take a long time at this speed.  I just wish I could make a backup of the game file so I can reload from the last save point at least when I die, but the iPhone version does not seem to have that option.

Is it considered ascending if I reload a past save?  Hmmmm.... going to have to look that up.

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