Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Empire Strikes Back

It's been a whirlwind two weeks.  After driving 18 hours to Florida, and spending 6 days in the heat and sun and the swamps of the Ft. Lauderdale area (the Billy Swamp Safari the Seminole Nation has created is totally worth the money, we had a fabulous time), we spent 17 hours driving home, spent all day cleaning the next day, and now I've just survived literally the week from hell (which won't officially end until tomorrow).  There's nothing worse then coming home from the fun and sun and working 16 hour days all week.  Anyone have any job openings available?  That pays really well and let me do diddly squat all day?  Nah... didn't think so...

In news this week, Net Neutrality has hit the skids and is in the process of crashing and burning, should Congress refuse to take any action.  The concept behind net neutrality is decent:  don't allow the broadband providers to determine which internet web sites or services they will allow or block.  Aka, preventing censorship to some degree.  Ok, so I'm punting on this one and fudging the whole story, but from my perspective it is odious that any corporation would be able to control the content to millions of individuals, many of whom have few if any other options for internet access.  This is an example of GOOD regulation.  Like laws that prevent food tampering, or dumping toxic wastes into our water supply.  Or allow Betty White to remain gainfully employed.

Listen, folks... do you really want Comcast, or Verizon, or anyone telling you that you can no longer visit Amazon because they don't pay them the royalty fees to carry them over their internet pipe?  That's one of the upshots of this sort of activity, and given the cable companies current marketing plan (1850 channels, each of which pays for the right to be carried), I can honestly see them doing exactly this with their Internet bandwidth.

Then again, consumers have had a long history of telling Internet companies to go take a flying leap.  Try restricting their bandwidth today and see how quickly they jump ship, just for one example.  Maybe the same will happen here.  Comcast will block only the most odious applications, such as torrents, and leave most of the rest of the internet to the good little Who boys and girls.

Yeah, and the Grinch wasn't green and didn't try to steal Christmas.  Bah... humbug....

More on this later.  Stay tuned tomorrow for another great blogging post, brought to you courtesy of Lloyd's tire shop.  Lloyd's... with a name like that, it has to be better then Cooter's....

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