Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Freedom of Choice... is what you want....

Sometimes, freedom is exactly what you get, even if it's a bitter pill to swallow.

Take for instance the recent Supreme Court ruling stating that the Westboro Baptist Church - those of the now dead and defunct godhatesfags website (more on that later) - have the right to protest at funerals of slain servicemen to tell the world how their god is full of wrath and indignant justice for the sins we are committing in accepting homosexuality.

Yeah, cause we're so accepting.  Which is why homosexuals still don't have the freedom to marry their partners in most states.  Don't have the right to stay employed in most states.  Can be kicked out of any group or organization because of their sexual orientation in most states.  Yeah, we're so damned accepting.

There was a recent question/answer session in New York with the lawyer representing the church, one Ms. Margie Phelps.  The video itself is boring, mostly biblical tirades while promoting the Constitutionality of the groups freedom of speech.  However, near the end she derails a bit when asked questions about the group Anonymous and how they've taken down the site (which she flat out lies by stating it is not down).  She goes on for a while about how Anonymous said the group's servers were "leet", meaning very good, and she basically tries to dress down the fellow asking the question by demeaning him with terms like "little boy."  Unable to hold a civil dialogue, Marge, without insulting people?  Maybe the child is you.

My question to the group:  in the context of verifying that you do have the right to spew your form of hatred to the world, how does it feel being lumped into the same category as the KKK, Nazi's and other hate filled organizations whose motives seem divisive and angry rather then respectful and unifying?  Or did that not even occur to you?  Probably not... you want people to hear your viewpoint, but refuse to walk a mile in their shoes for a change.  Being close minded is such a drag....

The question then becomes:  how upset do THEY get when free speech is exercised against THEM?  Clearly she got very upset, and tried to hide it.  And currently their site is STILL down, and I have no doubt it will remain down as long as Anonymous decides they want it down.  There's plenty towns and communities can do to prevent their protests LEGALLY as well.  I, for one, advocate a 1 mile "temporary privatization gift" of streets and public property around a cemetery during funerals, thus allowing the grieving family the right to shoot any protester who sets foot on "their property".  Neat and tidy, neat and tidy.

In any case... sometimes freedom... is pretty sweet....

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