Friday, March 04, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

That's right, folks, we are reaching my favorite time of the year.  Not Christmas... which, technically, is my ACTUAL favorite time of the year, so please don't start with the "oh now wait a minute, I know for a fact... " blah, blah blah.  And I don't mean tax time, although this year the Feds have a huge reward for us in the form of a major credit for purchasing a new home (I knew something good had to come out of that whole huge mess it took to buy this place).

No folks... it's awards time!!!  Yeah, ok, keep your Grammy's and Oscars, those are for chumps.  I'm talking about "Best Web Sites of the Year", and "Best Free Software of 2010", and so on and so on.  Oh yeah... us geeks LIVE for cool stuff like that.

Since we are still waiting for some of these awards to be giving by their usual sites, I'll revisit last year's "Best Free Software of 2010", as awarded by PC World.  PC World does one of the best compilations of free software around each year, and there's a huge list of stuff here to keep everyone happy.  Many of these programs I have used, like Gimp and, two wonderful, fully free graphics editing programs that can easily rival their expensive software brethren.  Or OpenOffice, which long ago became my totally FREE suite of office applications for use on all our home computers.

There's many more programs, ranging from fun (Sweethome 3D... create a floor plan, fill it with furniture, then walk around it like you're in a real home) to esoteric (Wireshark, for all your network tracing and protocol detecting needs).  Check it out now, and keep your fingers crossed PC World will soon release the updated list for 2011.

And the giving just never ends... "Have yourself a merry little... ummm... Saint Patrick's Day???".....

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