Saturday, March 05, 2011

Tripping the Light Fantastic

It's been an interesting week in political news.  Actually probably one of the quieter weeks, since the focus now is on the Middle East and the rising (blasting off) price of oil and gas.  I'm hoping for warm weather so I can get the motorcycle out and start saving some cash (just can't ride when it's below 50... brrrrr... too cold for this guy, I like arriving at my destination with all my fingers, toes and other bodily parts).

Now is it just me... or is Mike Huckabee turning into a huge prude?  I thought he was a libertarian, which I would have suspected meant staying out of a person's private business, yet here he is slamming Natalie Portman for having a child out of wedlock.  Really Mike?  Did the Murphy Brown incident with Dan "Potattoeees" Quail not teach you guys anything at all?  Did you attack Bristol Palin in the same manner when she got pregnant out of wedlock?  Did you not note that Portman is engaged to be married to the father of the child?  Or, while watching the Oscars, did seeing Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem kissing give you such a massive boner all the blood rushed from your brain to your tiny little loins, thus leaving you with a surfeit of space in cranium?

It's really tiring watching conservatives attack Hollywood.  For some reason, they want everyone to think actors and studios represent liberalism in America.  Never mind that Reagan and Arnold were both actors before becoming governors or more.  Or that the ranks of conservatives includes such notable luminaries as:  Bing Crosby; Clint Eastwood; and at least two of the hundreds of acting Baldwin family members (oh the shame for Alec "I Wish I Still Looked Like My Jack Ryan Character" Baldwin).  But hey... they gotta do something to prove they are better then liberals, and distortions and propaganda are their forte, so...

Speaking of Palin... oh never mind, that's just too easy.  It's like taking candy from a baby, or mocking Dan Quail for his... eloquence.

No more politics today.  I'll just go sell some household items to fill up my car tank....

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