Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thank you, Steve

Steve Jobs - 1955 to 2011

If you use a mouse... thank Steve.

If you publish a blog, or videos on Youtube... thank Steve.

If you wept during the ending of Toy Story 3... thank Steve.

If you carry around a tiny little digital music player... thank Steve.

If your phone lets you play games or music, read the news or books... thank Steve.

I'm not saying he invented any of these things. But he figured out how to do them right, do them well, bring them to the level that everyone could easily use and enjoy them. He distilled concepts down to their core, then wrapped them in a simply, elegant interface. He believed that people with vision could change everything... and then he proved it time and again.

Love Apple or hate them, there's no denying that this man and the company he helped found have profoundly changed the way we interact with technology.

Steve... you'll be missed, there's a huge void now that I do not think another person will be able to fill for a long, long time.

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