Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Critical Hit

As the father of three sons, I know they are growing up to be... well... I'd like to say devastatingly handsome and charming like their old man.  But of course, what I really mean is that are gawky and awkward and geeky, just like me. 

So today I came to a decision:  it's time to teach them DnD. 

But, like any geek, I'm faced with a terrible choice.  Do I teach them the DnD of my own precious childhood, the fabulous, game-of-a-thousand-books 2nd edition?  Or do I make the leap and invest in the 4th edition, which I will have to learn along with them? 

On the one hand: nostalgia.  On the other hand: keeping up with the current trends.

Oh first world problems...

In any case, I'll be looking to buy the books soon, once I decide which decade I want to live in.  I look forward to when one of them roll's his first natural 20 and we can all scream "critical hit".  Assuming that's still a critical hit.  Is it?

Sigh... so much to learn...

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